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Disabilities, SEN/ASN/ALN and Home Education.

There are a growing number of families choosing to Home Educate because their child’s needs are not being met in school. On this page we use the term SEN to cover ALN and ASN.

For help dealing with issues and further information please see our extra posts (at the bottom of this on mobiles or to the right on computers)

Some families feel like they have no choice, that it’s a last resort, others realise early on that their child will not thrive in a school environment.

Whatever the reason, you are likely to find that Home Education allows you to support your child.

As their needs change, you adapt and learn new ways to support them without the battle of getting the school to understand and act accordingly.

Home Educating a child with SEN or from a special school is possible, you, the parent will be legally responsible for ensuring the education is suitable to the child’s age, ability, aptitude and special needs.

  • The LA EHE team have no more rights to monitor or demand info from you (ENGLAND). Though the deregistration process is different.

  • You will be asked to take part in the EHCP review. This doesn’t have to be in person, and you can request that the EHE person not be present during reviews., we suggest making each department keep things separate, to avoid confusion.

  • When writing your annual EHE report make sure you address how SEN are being met. 

  • If you haven’t deregistered yet you need to be aware that if your child is in a special school you will need to write to the LA to ask that they remove your child’s name from the school role. Unless in Scotland, in which case you follow the usual withdrawal process. 

  • Whilst LAs cannot refuse without a good reason, some LAs are reluctant and attempt to say no.  If you need support through this please do Contact Us

  • If your child is in mainstream school with a statement/EHCP you have to send a deregistration letter into school, no notice or permission is needed, and you do not need to send your child back. You do not need to have an EHCP review before the deregistration is actioned.

  • The LA may bring the annual EHCP review forwards.

  • Dependent on the LA, some services may be withdrawn, such as Occupational Therapy.  You can discuss this with the service and ask for your GP, or other medical professional, to refer you to the service through health services rather than education.  If you have any questions on this please do contact us.

  • The EHCP should be changed to remove the named school.

  • You are not obliged to follow what is set out in the EHCP, however you will be expected to explain how you meet their needs, or how their needs have changed.

  • An EHCP can be useful when your child is wishing to access exams or further education colleges, or for re-entering school.

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Info regarding proposed new EHE (England) guidance

There is a government consultation about proposed new EHE (England) guidance. We will be producing a guide ASAP to help you respond, so no need to rush in.