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Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.
Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.3 days ago
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Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.
Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.4 days ago
As the home educating parent you are responsible for the suitability of the educational provision.

That applies if you teach your child yourself, if your child self educates, or you employ a tutor, use an online course/site or a fully paid for full time online school.

You have to ensure what your child is learning is appropriate, that the education is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and SEN. This posts discusses formal education leading to GCSEs (there are lots of other methods of home education).

You have to ensure that your child is safe (ie the tutor is a safe person/DBS checked).
Ensure any course covers the correct syllabus (every exam board is different), that there are no surprises (some course claim to be an all inclusive offer for a gcse when they don’t actually provide access to the exam, many finding they can’t sit the exam they just studied for).

That the content of the course/tutor led sessions best prepares them for exams, ie are they seeing and doing past exam papers?

It’s vital you also assess regularly whether the outsourcing is appropriate to your child’s learning style. Styles change, so it’s important to regularly assess.

You need to ask lots of questions of any outsourced provider, you need to monitor what is happening.

Many courses and tutors do not provide for IGCSE content, and as these are most commonly taken by home educated students it’s important to check.

If your child is failed it is your responsibility.

This may seem harsh, but at the end of the day you are ultimately responsible for your child’s education if you choose to home educate.

Outsourcing can be beneficial to those to who it is suitable, just make sure you remain responsible for the suitability.

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