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Welcome to Educational Freedom – Home Education information and support service.

THE place for all things Home Education.

Educational Freedom – Home Education information and support service is a non-profit organisation. Our primary purpose is ensuring all Home Educators have access to FREE information and support. We aim to provide everything you could ever need to know about Home Education.

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Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.
Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.18 hours ago
On our last post, we asked what are your home ed 'must haves' and one of our members replied a well stocked back pack, to cover all eventualities! This is what is often found in our back pack over the summer months. Any recommendations for anything else we might want to include? What do you like to pack in yours?
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Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.
Educational Freedom - UK Home Education info and support.2 days ago
What are you home ed 'must haves'? There are, of course, no actual 'must haves', but what do you find incredibly useful for your home education?

For us it is absolutely our library card! It's not just about the books and e-books, e-magazines and puzzles, it's also about having a free public space we can meet in with no expectation to spend money (with bonus free wi-fi!) Often, public libraries have rooms which home ed groups can book for free, and I have found that librarians (who are a fountain of knowledge on so many subjects!) are usually keen to welcome home ed groups into the library for regular meets and sessions either to study, read, or even play Lego and puzzles.

Did you know you can join most libraries, including ones in different local authority areas to you? We have joined libraries across the country in order to access their online audio books and e-books, as different libraries have different offerings.

What's your home ed 'must have'?
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Home Education

Where to start

Making the decision to Home Educate can be daunting. But be assured that there is plenty of support out there! There are lots of families that have been in your situation, and we have supported tens of thousands of them.

Read through our website to learn all about what Home Education can look like. How to deregister and how to communicate with your Local Authority. Plus lots of helpful tips, ideas and resources, and much more.

“… Without Educational Freedom I would never have had the confidence to deregister my child, their Facebook group is amazing!…”

Educational Freedom

How are we different?


We have many decades of hands on Home Education experience between us and many years as a professional support service.
Our team is made up of people from all walks of life, and all styles of Home Education.


We never have, nor will we ever, charge a fee to access our website, personal support or anything else.
However, we do have costs such as web hosting, so feel free to donate.

Support Options

Our aim is that our website contains everything you should need to know.

Beyond that we have a Facebook Group where you can connect with other Home Educators and our amazing admin team. We have a regularly updated Facebook Page which contains informative and sometimes humorous posts. We also have the option to contact us, for those times where you don’t have Facebook.