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Deregistration – Removing your child from school to Home Educate

Deregistration letters can be handwritten, typed or emailed.

ALWAYS get proof, whether it’s a receipt from the school, proof from the Post Office or an email receipt.

We recommend following up an email with a hard copy in the post.

Deregistration from a private/fee paying school is not required, you do though, have to notify them, inline with your contract, that you no longer wish to access the place.

How long it takes to deregister your child from school will depend on the kind of school and where in the UK you are.

If you are considering deregistering a teenager, please read this page.

England and Wales deregistration

  • You MUST send a letter to school telling them that you no longer need the school place because you are taking responsibility for your child’s education by Home Educating.
  • You are not obliged to give any …..

Scotland withdrawal process

  • Once you have made the decision to Home Educate, you need to write to your local education department requesting consent to withdraw your child from school. You MUST include information ….

Special School consent request

Special Schools (Not needed in Scotland)

  • You are expected to write to the LA, asking for consent for your child to be removed from the register of a special school.
  • It is recommended that…