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Styles of Home Education

Home Education doesn’t have to be school at home!

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Home Education includes a wide and varied array of methods for educating children. At first the range of possibilities can seem a bit daunting, but it is precisely this range that makes Home Education so suitable for many children.

Every Home Ed family will do things differently, even those following the same style. This is why Home Education is amazing, it is a unique experience, tailored to each child.

The most important thing to remember is that Home Education is not school at home and for the vast majority of Home Ed kids it is not the most appropriate approach. It is of course a valid option for those who require such a formal organised routine. Though, please do not jump straight into this style, always take time to deschool.

Immediately creating school at home usually ends up causing tension and upset and Home Education quickly fails for the child and parent.

If you want to talk to other Home Educators and hear about how they Home Ed, please do join our group

You’ll find lots of information below about the many styles of Home Education.

How to choose?

It’s important not to dive into any particular style when you first start out. Children and parents are used to the spoon fed nature of a school education and suddenly you are found with no rules on how to provide the education. Take a step back, take time to read about your options, and take time to observe what makes your child tick.

Whilst the law requires you to be providing a suitable education from the first day of Home Education, it is important to remember that suitable means suitable to your child’s age, ability, aptitude and SEN/ALN/ASN. In other words, you do not have to be following the national curriculum or doing formal lessons if that does not suit your child. The only way to know what suits your child is to take time to deschool, time to get school out of your system, and read below about different styles of Home Ed.

Home Education must provide what your child needs to learn and progress at a pace suitable to them, how that happens is up to you, you need to be satisfied that the education is suitable. The Local Authority can make informal enquiries, but they do not expect school at home, in fact they can sometimes deem that as unsuitable as it isn’t right for the child, or has no flexibility or opportunity for the child to follow their interests. We suggest always responding to the LA informal enquiries using the appropriate section in our menu for your part of the UK.

Remember there is no such thing as behind, as long as your child is learning at a level appropriate to them, then it is suitable in the eyes of the law.
Remember, what suits your child this month may evolve into something else as they get older and their needs and interests change. This is normal. And to be expected.


Deschooling is a period of time a previously schooled child, and the parent, take to adjust to home educating, time to unlearn the school way of learning…

Home education structured or not?

The question of structure in Home Education is as wide and varied as the families who do it.

Read this section then move on to our different styles of home ed sections.

There are three that are often referred to – Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured – but there are also different ways of doing things…

Unschooling and autonomous home education

When you talk of Unschooling people immediately make assumptions based on the information they have been given by articles in the mainstream media. They will think that your children do nothing all day, have no rules, run wild, are rude and inconsiderate, dirty, feral, and will grow up without even…

Structured and semi-structured home education

Some families find that a structured or semi-structured approach works best for their family’s lifestyle. They may set out this way right from the beginning of Home Education, or they may try out a number of other ways first before coming to it. They…

Home education methods of learning

There is lots of discussion about the style of education used, but often not as much about the content itself, the resources used and the way in which it is delivered. There is a huge variety of methods in which the education…

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