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About Us

What we do and who the team behind Educational Freedom are.

We are more than just Home Educators

About us:

We are a group of Home Educating parents who come from all walks of life and from all Home Educating backgrounds.  We worked hard on this website with one purpose in mind – to make Home Education support available in one place, for everyone, regardless of where in the UK they are; to be inclusive of all styles of Home Ed; and to be supportive to those in need of help.

The initial idea for this Home Education website came from Cheryl Moy. As not everyone is on Facebook and not everyone wants to pay membership to another organisation to gain support, here we offer as much information and support that we can put in one place: support, legal information, discounts available, help via email (and phone), links to other useful websites, real life Home Ed stories and much more.
Our site was created by, and run by, an amazing team, including Liz Jenkins. Without her support we would not be where we are today, as she is responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes work, not limited to research, liaising with LAs, running the shop and being treasurer for our accounts.

Thank you for reading; we hope you enjoy the website.  

Please do contact us  if you have an idea you would like us to include or have a query.

The Educational Freedom Team

The team

A strong team with decades of experience

Cheryl Moy



Liz Jenkins



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