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Scottish withdrawal letter

Use this Scottish withdrawal letter template to request consent to remove your child from school, to start Home Education. Your LA website should have information about Home Education and will tell you who to send your letter to.

Please remember to include information about your plans as a separate document. See HERE for info.

You may wish to add a sentence requesting there be no data sharing, particularly with the school.

If your child will not be attending whilst you wait for consent, ie for their mental well-being, you can ask for consent to be processed quickly. Legally your child should stay in school until written consent is received, however guidelines allow for your child to remain absent if there is a reasonable argument.

You do NOT have to state your reasons for asking consent.

Remember that we do NOT deregister in Scotland, we withdraw. Using the phrase deregister highlights to the Local Authority that you may not fully understand the process and invite more questioning than necessary.


Your name and address.


Local Authority name and address

Dear X

Re – (Child’s name – date of birth –School details )

I/we am writing to ask for consent to withdraw CHILD from XX SCHOOL to Home Educate them. I/we have given this decision very careful consideration and discussion and are aware of our legal duty to Home Educate them in accordance with section 30 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980, ensuring they are provided a suitable education.

We have enclosed information about the proposed home education provision and expect that this is adequate information to support our request.

Yours sincerely

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