To be used in conjunction with our Scottish consent to withdraw letter.

This list will give you some ideas as to what you could include when asking for consent for your childs name to be withdrawn from the school register:

  • What is your educational philosophy or ethos: e.g. structured, autonomous etc? How will Home Education be a positive thing for your child? If your child has any special needs it would be a good idea to describe how those needs will be met.
  • Who will be involved in providing the education? Are tutors used? Will you be following a curriculum, project-based or more child led? How will you assess your child’s progress?  i.e. informally through discussion, tests, or another way?
  • It would be useful to include a list of the sort of materials your child will have access to: supervised internet, books/library, DVDs, tv, computer, museums, science equipment, art materials, workbooks/worksheets. Does your child already take part in any activities or will they be starting new one, Home Ed group, Cubs/Scouts, gymnastics, dance etc?

This list is not exhaustive, you could include more, or leave sections out.