Remember, Welsh guidance clearly states that visits are optional, we believe there is little benefit to a visit if you are well supported within the Home Education community. Use the below ‘response to LA communication – Wales’, template but if you are in doubt please contact us.

The EHE guidance is not clear on what constitutes a concern, however should the LA claim that choosing not to meet them is of concern, then you will be expected to provide them with a brief over-view of the provision to satisfy their concerns. 

Your Name



Local Authority Name



 Re NAME and DOB

Thank you for your letter dated x.

I am aware of my duties under Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act and am fully satisfied that I am providing my (child/children) with a full-time Home Education that is suited to (their/his/her) age ability and aptitude. We have ample support and information from local and national Home Education groups and organisations. 

I would like to refer you to the Welsh Home Education Guidance 2017, the flow chart included in the guidance clearly states that visits are optional. At this point we do not require one, as previously stated we are confident in our decision and that the provision is suitable. 

I am unaware of any possible evidence of a ’cause for concern’ and would ask that you inform me of the nature of your ‘evidence’ should any such ‘concerns’ exist. 

Should I require any support in the future I will, of course, contact you immediately.

Yours sincerely