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New Home Educators in England (ie less than 2 months)

Make sure you are fully aware of your rights and remember you do NOT EVER have to have a visit or a phone call, in fact we strongly urge families to keep communication in writing.

Most LAs will accept a request for more time to settle in, however, some will respond asking for information about the provision to be provided now, we urge that you respond by providing some information using our template.

Updated 14/2/2024

Here are some ways you can respond to requests for information very soon after starting Home Education. Please read all of this information before replying to the LA. If you are unsure why we suggest the following replies please do give the rest of the website a good read.

If the LA ask for a meeting:

‘In response to your letter/email/phone call/visit of x date, we wish to decline the meeting/call offered. We are well supported locally and nationally but will reach out to you should we require your support.’

If the LA turn up or phone:

‘Please note that we request all future correspondence be kept in writing (letter or email). Please remove our phone number from your records.’

It can be helpful to include:

‘We are satisfied that the Home Educational provision for child is suitable to his/her age, ability and aptitude as well as being full time, the educational provision also takes into account their SEN only include SEN if appropriate

If the LA have only asked for forms to be filled in:

Please note if they are just admin forms then we advise filling them in, but not if they request info about the provision especially if they are asking irrelevant/school type questions (such as your qualifications, a timetable, grades, levels. etc), you can choose to write your own provision and resource report and include the below in a covering letter:

‘As your forms do not seem geared towards Home Education in all of its styles we therefore do not feel it appropriate to fill them in. instead find attached our provision and resource details.’

If the LA asked for information about the provision:

Remember you do not have to declare your own education, or details of any tutors used, grade work, have a timetable or show any work the child has done.

‘As we only deregistered on x date we feel that providing details at this point would not adequately reflect our provision. We, of course, understand that education must take place from day one, and it is, we would be better placed to provide information in around 3 months time. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to hearing from you at a later date. ‘

Please note that the LA do not have to accept a request to delay providing information.

If copies of the child’s work are demanded please do not mention it at this stage Read this page

If you feel the tone of the letter/phone call was threatening, or demanding far more than general info, you can add in:

‘We wish to remind you of section 5.1 of the Elective Home Education Guidance for Parents which states: “Your local authority has no formal powers or duty to monitor the provision of education at home.” ‘

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