Home Educating for more than 2 months

If the LA has requested information about the provision, either in a letter or a form, and you have Home Educated for more than 2 months, use your judgement as to whether the form is applicable to Home Education (many aren’t). REMEMBER you do not have to be creating school at home, you do not have to give details of your own education, tutor details, or other intrusive information. You do not have to have a timetable or grade work.

You can use their form to provide information about the provision or send information using this template report of provision and resources.

Your Name


Local Authority

Dear EHE,

In response to your letter/email/phone call/visit of x date, we wish to decline the meeting/call offered. We are well supported locally and nationally but we will reach out to your service should we require your support.

We respectfully request all future correspondence be kept in writing. 

We are satisfied that the Home Educational provision for child is suitable to his/her age, ability and aptitude as well as being full time, the educational provision also takes into account their SEN **only include SEN if appropriate**

**If copies of the child’s work are demanded**  We have asked xxx if they would like to share their work with you and they have chosen not to, I expect you will respect their wishes. 

We appreciate you including the forms with your correspondence, however, they appear to be geared towards school educated children and do not allow representation of the wide array of ways a child can be Home Educated. We shall, instead, provide written information about the educational provision and resources, please see attached.

We expect this is adequate information to satisfy your informal enquiry, please confirm receipt. 

Yours sincerely.