Sample letter to request a copy of your file, school, EHE, social services etc.
There is very little point making a request to school, as the child’s file will most likely just contain grades, school reports, and any letters sent, unless, you have concerns about communication they have had with other parties.

DEPARTMENT (ie Social services, EHE) ADDRESS DATE Dear Sir/Madam, Subject access request. Please supply the personal data you hold about **child’s name**, which I am entitled to receive under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

I am requesting a copy of all records, handwritten AND computerised held within **Elective Home Education/Social Services etc DELETE AS APPROPRIATE** 

This is to include all records; copies of all e-mails, faxes, letters, copies of all telephone messages, copies of all internal memos. Copies of all contact logs and copies of all running sheets. This list is not exhaustive.

I do not wish to visit or meet with you to look over my file at this time, therefore I request a full copy to be posted to my above address within the one calendar month time limit.

Yours sincerely