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How many Home Educated Children in the UK?

And how many School Attendance Orders have been served?

Over the last couple of months we have been collating the data from each Local Authority in England, Wales and Scotland.

Not all LAs replied within the specified time, some refused to answer, others did not answer all the questions, and some gave data we are not convinced is correct. We are following these up and will update this post as the information comes in.

As of the 22/7/23 most LAs have responded, with a total of 100340 children known to be Home Educated. Remember this figure does not include families who are unknown to the LA, which as the current law stands is perfectly legal. You are not obliged to inform the LA of your existence. For previous years stats see HERE

We have transferred the data to a map, as well as a spreadsheet for you to look through.

Some points to note, if an answer is less than 5 the LA are not obliged to give the specific answer as this can lead to the family or families being identified. We have logged these answers as 5, though could be as low as 1.
We have added notes to any LAs who gave use extra information.

The data includes the LA name, how many children are Home Educated, how many SAOs served since September 2022, how many SAOs were revoked (ie no further action taken, the family either sent the child to school, or provided suitable information about the Home Education, this figure also includes those who were harassed into giving in and doing as the LA demanded), the number of SAOs that were taken to court/prosecuted, we have also then calculated the average % number of SAOs, the average across all LAs is less than 1% with many serving none, a few serving a couple, and a small number of clearly rogue LAs serving a considerably higher than average number of SAOs.

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