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Home Education Blogs

Here’s just a few of the Home Education Blogs available. Do you write or follow a blog that you think others would like to know about? Please forward the info to us.

Musings of a middle aged mum

I’m going to start with a confession – I’m not middle-aged.  At least, I hope I’m not, as I’m only 36yo.  But, it sounded good being alliterative, between Musings and Mum.  I am a mum to two girls (DD1 and DD2) whom I home educate, and I muse often, having random thoughts, ideas, projects I start and don’t complete, and general rants against the government, companies and individual, mainly within my own head.

Diary of a first child

We are Luschka, mama to two girls, known on the blog as Ameli (b.2009) and Aviya (b.2012). We live on the Isle of Wight, and are a home schooling/home educating family. We read a lot, and play a lot.

Educational Freedom - Home Education

Our Blog

Our blog is not like any normal blog, we use common themes or current events to delve deeper into Home Education.

You will find discussions on most things Home Ed, if you have something you think we should write about then do let us know.

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