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Here’s just a few of the Home Education Blogs available. Do you write or follow a blog that you think others would like to know about? Please forward the info to us.

Musings of a middle aged mum

I’m going to start with a confession – I’m not middle-aged.  At least, I hope I’m not, as I’m only 36yo.  But, it sounded good being alliterative, between Musings and Mum.  I am a mum to two girls (DD1 and DD2) whom I home educate, and I muse often, having random thoughts, ideas, projects I start and don’t complete, and general rants against the government, companies and individual, mainly within my own head.

Diary of a first child

We are Luschka, mama to two girls, known on the blog as Ameli (b.2009) and Aviya (b.2012). We live on the Isle of Wight, and are a home schooling/home educating family. We read a lot, and play a lot.


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