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Home Education and Socialisation

We have written posts before and have info on our website about how Home Educators socialise. but it really doesn’t matter what we (or the LA) say, we are not your child. We do not know how that young person feels around other people, or if they want lots of friends, or just one.
The best advice we can give is to follow your child’s lead, try new things, see what works and doesn’t work.

Find your local Home Ed groups on Facebook, but also look beyond Home Ed, other clubs such as dance or chess, or even just encouraging talking to other kids at play areas, for the teens there are FB groups just for them, but we know groups aren’t for everyone. They can be scary to navigate, some may feel cliquey and hard to join in, some may be too busy, or not have kids with similar interests. What you can do as the parent/carer is seek out the information and let your child choose what they do and who with.

We came across this blog today and felt it described the realistic version of what socialising can be like, we’d love to hear your journey so get in touch if you write a blog you’d like us to share…

go have a read

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