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Free Unusual Educational Resources you might never have heard of.

With an increase in popularity in home education there are more and more resources are being released for us to use. We have a wonderful page on our website for resources if you click here – Resources for Home Educators. But today we thought we’d show you some of the free resources that are off the beaten track.

When it comes to finding the best way to home educate everybody learns and differently. This freedom to educate is one of the best things about home educating, so not all these links provide similar resources, we have videos, audiobooks, worksheets and more…


With everything going on in the world today there is a lot to explain and it can be tricky, As a result, these are great resources to try and help explain from primary through to college age.




Geography/Life Skills

I love these resources! I have used the Ordnance Survey resources for so many things from science to life skills. Because, in a word of digital maps and sat nav it is still so useful to be able to understand a map regardless of how it’s presented to you.

Ordnance Survey

National Geographic


English is always a tricky one for resources. Firstly though, I do how ever love that Open Culture have so many free audio books which don’t need an extra app or device to play. Secondly, so many publishers and authors these days now have their own resources its highly worth googling any that you are studying or enjoy to see whats available away from the standard resource pages.

Open Culture – Free Audio Books

Agatha Christie


Who doesn’t love a good STEM resource? There is such a wealth of knowledge in these resources from primary through to adult. I find STEM covers so many subjects and often leads to other conversations.

Suez In the UK

James Dyson

Stem Crew

Small Peice Trust


Unless you have a laboratory set up in your garden shed Science can be a difficult one to learn interactively, however, these resources are great way to bring the practical in the everyday.

Learning Zone

Go Wild With Science

That Science Lady


These are more aimed at secondary level to adults but are a great place to dive into for all ages.

Bank of England


Computer Science

Computer Science is so important today in a world of technology so we’ve included free coding resources here alongside some general computer science resouces.


Teach Computing

Barefoot Computing

Raspberry Pi


Because some resources cover everything! These below are great resources which do not really fit into any one category. Do be warned though you might end up not coming out of the all day!

The Crash Course

The Kids Should See This


Food A Fact of Life


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