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Updated 14/02/2024

Response to the LA if they make contact less than a year since the last time you provided information about the Home Education.

Local Authorities are advised by the government to make at least annual contact, where the education was previously deemed suitable this contact should be brief. We recommend reminding Local Authorities that persistent requests for information is akin to attempting to monitor the Home Educational provision. Do this by using the below template letter when LA contact less than a year since the last.

Edit and send the below letter if the LA contact less than a year since the last request for info:

Your Name


Local Authority

Dear EHE,

In response to your letter/email/phone call/visit of x date, we wish to decline the meeting/call offered/request for information. We are well supported locally and nationally but we will reach out to your service should we require your support. If they phoned then include We respectfully request all future correspondence be kept in writing, please remove our phone number from your records. 

We wish to remind you of section 5.1 of the Elective Home Education Guidance for Parents which states: “Your local authority has no formal powers or duty to monitor the provision of education at home.” A request for information less than a year since it was deemed a suitable education was taking place is considered an attempt to monitor. Therefore, we remind you, you deemed the education suitable on x date, we therefore do not expect to hear from you until x month.

Yours sincerely.

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