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Welcome to Educational Freedom – Home Education information and support service.

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Educational Freedom is a non-profit organisation providing Home Education information and support. Our primary purpose is ensuring all Home Educators have access to FREE information and support. We aim to provide everything you could ever need to know about Home Education.

A great way of ensuring your Home Education journey goes smoothly is to read all of this website. The menu at the top will help you navigate each section.

Home Education and where to start.

Making the decision to Home Educate can be daunting. But be assured that there is plenty of support out there! There are lots of families that have been in your situation, and we have supported tens of thousands of them.

Read through our website to learn all about Home Education. Use the menu to navigate through all of our pages especially the WHAT TO DO FIRST page for your country.

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Examples of home ed life

We are sometimes asked ‘How do I know what to teach?’ or ‘How do I know what they should be learning?’The below are just a few examples of how home [...]
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LA Newsletter February 2024

As you possibly already know, we do far more than just working with Home Educators, we are actively involved with LAs and the Government. As it is difficult to get [...]
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We recently did a deep learning dive into Agatha Christie and the "Golden Age of Crime" and I loved this quote we found in her autobiography “I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.” – Agatha Christie" We have noticed that when playing with other kids who go to school this is sooooo true! Do you find this too?


Something we hear a lot is ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’. Parents often tell us they spent ages panicking and preparing, but found that once they were deregistered everything change, life slowed down and with a happier child everything was easier. What changes did you notice? If you need home education advice and support, or want to join a like-minded community, check out our Facebook group and website. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 #homeeducationuk #educationalfreedom #homeeducation #schoolsout #summerholidays #homelearning #learningathome #homeeducationideas #homeeducationfamily #unschool #educationalfreedom #homeeducator #homeeducation #homeeducationuk #homeeducating #homeedfamily #unschooling #homeed #homeeduk #homeedlife #playfullearning #wildandfree #homeschool #homeeducationlookslikethis #homeeducators #specialeducationalneeds #naturalchildhood #learningthroughplay #unschoollife #homeschoollife


Each day is unique, we work around her high anxiety and additional needs. A day can be: sofa snuggles with YouTube videos, discussing characters, emotions and relationships (she doesn't naturally understand these). Feed our cats, and let them outside, an opportunity for discussion of their instincts as they're both hunters. Mornings are often quiet unless we're going to a group or play date, as my daughter isn't a morning person and is more engaged later in the day. After lunch a nature trail hunting for a list of things to spot on our walk in local nature areas will often end in a trip to the playground for some exercise and to meet her occupational therapy needs. Often we'll meet with other families for such activities, taking a picnic/snacks with us. We always carry a tub of bubble mixture, chalks and a handful of small toys in our rucksack for impromptu activities, woodland play and exploration. Little Legs (5) peels veg while I prepare dinner, she likes to gather ingredients, stir, etc. Family games time after dinner - often turn-based board games or team games. At bedtime she currently enjoys looking at the night sky, learning about the moon and solar system, a story read to her, and an audiobook. On days where we have visitors she likes to ask them where they're from or where they've travelled to and finding it on our globe, learning to identify various countries and then looking up their flags


Our style is a mix of formal and informal. For example: we use a formal structure for sciences, currently we are focusing on biology; we use books and online learning, they do their own research and ask me for guidance if they are not too sure or get stuck. Semi-structure - English as we love to discuss after they finish writing by answering the questions on the blackboard. Mathematics is mixed with styles from semi-structure to child led because we don't do it all the time at home, we can be everywhere e.g. beach, park, train etc. We are family and love reading; so we go to the library at least twice per month. Practical and team work such as basic DIY e.g. fixing a bike or scooter Although, winter is coming; daily life is more of a challenge for me because of my arthritis but I am grateful my kids understand, they have said they will carry me if they have to lol, bless their hearts. They choose and decide to be full time home-ed; they achieve much more than I’ve written here but I hope this will give insight to our Home-ed lifestyle


We are semi structured. We chose this style after trying formal HE which for us was stressful & ended up with no-one learning. One day I was ill and couldn’t teach so my youngest headed off and started watching what he wanted to watch. He learnt so much that we never went back! Every day we do maths & typing and we have an English tutor once a week (for dyslexia). After that we were child led and no day looks the same. Wednesdays we do forest school locally and learn tons of life skills there. Depending on his interest for the week or day we might learn about science through experiments or delve into history through documentaries. In the car we listen to podcasts about history, autobiographies, science you name it - depending on the interest. We’ll take in an art museum or visit a national trust venue or we might go to a local farm open day. We might pick up something we were struggling in maths and try learning it through practicals. Often he’ll settle down to investigate and learn on his own without realising it. Currently he’s delving deep into versailles and covered the French Revolution, Napoleon, the architecture and how it maintained itself. Tomorrow we’re planning on spending the day at the beach. #educationalfreedom #homeeducation #semistructured


Feedback from you...

'A massive thankyou Im so grateful for this resource. Im currently crying with relief! Early days for myself and my daughter but this website has already been invaluable 🙏' - Joanne
'thank you so much for your advice x' - Lisa
'Thank you for all your hard work. x'
'Thank you for your invaluable support,Cheryl!' - Cosmin
'Always looking to help others who want to better them selves.' - Dean
'Always excellent information. I couldn't do without it' - Sharmen
'thank you for the hard work and dedication you put in this website1 it's amazing!' - Mioara
'I've just written my first annual report and couldn't have done it confidently without you. Thank you for all your hard work.' - Bethany
'Absolutely amazing support. We, as a family, can't thank you enough for all of your help! Home Education has been the best decision, we have ever made. Thank you so much, for everything. xxx' - Sammie
'thank you so much!! what great infomation!' - Michelle
'thank you for giving me hope to help my son.' - Bernice
'You guys are amazing and so supportive! A big thank you for everything you do xx' - Suzy
'just thank you.' - Kate
'A great website and information for those thinking about home educating. great guidance and advice and reassurance. starting in september and has really helped me to understand the requirements in terms of and what is expected by the LA and how to get started.'
'Thank you so much for such an informative website! It has helped so much when explaining to family members and getting them onboard. As well as giving me confidence that I know what I'm doing and home education is the right choice for my family!' - Bethany
'Your site has been the go to website for me and my Home Ed family. The information you provide has given me confidence in dealing with authorities. I would never have used the deschool method and we've had our best learning times when deschooling love it. Thankyou and more donations (via the buy me a coffee link) to come 😆' - Michelle
'Thanks for all your info. I'm about to take the plunge with my two, feeling a bit nervous but excited and quite the maverick, thanks for the support!' - Laura
'Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping the website up-to-date, and all your email support.' - Lara
'Just stared HomeEd and your website and resources have been a huge help!' - Cass
'Thank you for all your hard work!'
'Ive not needed your support as yet but know youre doing amazing stuff for so many. Thank you 😊'
'great source of guidance and information. thank you'
'Always so very informative and responsive with any support I've needed. Thank you so much. Such a fantastic service you provide home educators.' - Lucy
'This information is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.' - Julie
'Thanks so much for all this wonderful info. I can't donate much but will do what I can when I can.' - Sam
'I just want you to know i really appreciate all your suport and patience with me being a bit blonde and irish lol also some aren't in a place where they can donate so this is from them also xxxxx'
'guys i appreciate you all so very much .i know sometimes u must get peeped of with my lack of knowledge but if it wasnt for you all i think alot of us would panic more and give up out of fear .you all are a credit to ehe families thank you so very much for all your help and support'.
'You're doing brilliant work!' - Daniela
'Thanks for your help' - Valentina
'thankyou for all your advice x'
'Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated ❤️🙏❤️' - Debbie
'I really appreciate the invaluable information you provide and everything you do for everyone! Thank you!'
'Thank you so much for all you do! Your advice is priceless. x' - Deb
'I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the resources on your website. It took the stress out of deregistering and was amazing for helping me write my first report. Thank you! x' - Danielle
'Thank you for this information and the help you provide! ☺️'
'Thank you for the guidance and information to empower us' - Sasha
'Thank you for all superb information and patience with all of us. This leads us to better and brighter future. 💖🙏'
'Thank you for this information and the help you provide! ☺️'
'Just want to say a( BIG ) Thank you for all your support'. - Tallulah
'I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the resources on your website. It took the stress out of deregistering and was amazing for helping me write my first report. Thank you! x' - Danielle
'Your information has been invaluable on getting starting us on our journey of home ed.' - Chloe

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