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    "Don't jump in the deep end immediately and start schoolwork. Give your child time to relax and become happy again then start seeing how they learn."


    Tips from us

    Read our FAQ and the legal stuff. Knowing your rights is VERY important.


Welcome to Educational Freedom

 THE place for all things Home Education

We are a non-profit organisation with the primary purpose of ensuring all Home Educators have access to free information and support.

Whether you are thinking of starting Home Education, or are well in to your journey, or somewhere in the middle, you will hopefully find everything you could possibly need here.

We offer a support email/phone service for support in deregistering, dealing with the Local Authority or any other matter. Or we can put you in touch with someone local for ideas, help and meets ups.

We aim to cover all areas of the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Because the information covers all of the UK, sometimes a generic term has been used, such as LA or Deregistration.  Please be assured we have attempted to cover all the areas as best we can.

Educational Freedom aims to offer up-to-date and accurate information on the legal aspect of Home Education, but we do ask that you consider we are only human, so please check any information before accepting it as accurate.

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