what to think about and do first

Where to start and what to do first.


Once you have made your decision to Home Educate, legally you need to deregister from school. Deregistration

The school then inform the Local Authority (LA).

Make sure you check the process for deregistration for your part of the UK, or if your child is in a Special School.

If your child has never been to school then there’s no need to inform the LA.

Home education can mean something different to every family.

You could have planned to Home Educate before the children were born, it could be a decision made when deciding on a school, or as a last resort due to bullying, or special needs not being met. Sometimes the school system just isn’t right for you or your child, and sometimes families choose to Home Educate because they like the idea of it. There is no right or wrong reason. It is a legal option, and one we can take at any time.

Home Education is an option for any family, regardless of social status, income, parent’s education, special needs or religion. If you want to Home Educate, and are confident that you can provide an education that is full-time, suitable to your child’s age, ability and aptitudes and can suit any special needs they may have, then there’s nothing stopping you.

You will see in the FAQ that we answer many of your questions, but please do contact us if you are still unsure of something.

Read our FAQ

You will find lots of useful information in the comprehensive FAQ covering everything from the law, to working while Home Educating, to what is expected of you and what isn’t! And everything in-between.

It can be scary….

Making the decision to Home Educate can be daunting, but be assured that there is plenty of support out there! There are lots of families that have been in your situation, many activities and loads of information. Search Facebook for ‘home education *your town*’ and you should find your local group.

You will find most questions you have are addressed in the FAQ so please do have a read.

Throughout the website you will find information on the process of removing your child from school, how to deregister, deschooling, styles, the law, day-to-day information and resources, and much much more. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE SITE

We would like to point out that making the choice to Home Educate can be made at any time, it also doesn’t have to be a ‘forever’ decision. For many reasons some Home Educators find that their child going in to school is the better option. Whether it is because they wanted to Home Educate for the primary years, or they decide to Home Educate through the exams. Some families find that one child loves Home Ed yet their sibling is happier in school. There is no right or wrong way. If you wish to find a school place we suggest contacting the admissions team at your LA.


Home Educators are not expected to follow the curriculum, or to follow a school timetable, and Home Education quite often looks nothing like school. There are so many options available to us, so many things to do and try, so many places to go, books to read, people to meet. Read our Home Ed Styles section for more details.


You’ll find links to the EHE guidelines for your part of the UK, as well as some useful legislation/law that is sometimes good to know. HERE

It might seem daunting or unnecessary to read government documents, but it’s absolutely vital that you do. That way you fully understand your legal duty and that of the LA.


There is no legal duty on Local Authorities to monitor the education you provide. As parents you are legally responsible for ensuring your child receives a full-time education suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and to any special needs they may have, either in school or otherwise. Otherwise includes home education. 

So you will find throughout this website that we encourage you to keep correspondence in writing with the LA as much as possible. Some parents feel the need to meet with the LA; if you wish to, and would like someone else present, please do get in touch and we will help find someone local.

Whilst Local Authorities have no right to demand evidence from you about the provision, it would be considered sensible to provide them with a brief report about the what you do.  Some LAs respect the families choice to have no contact, others demand visits… if you still require support after reading through the website then please do Contact Us and Social Media

You’ll find deregistration letters, letters opting out of LA visits, letters in response to an LA asking for information and a sample of a short report you could send as information about the educational provision here Sample Letters / Reports

You will also find a checklist for writing about your educational provision to send with your withdrawal request if you live in Scotland.

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