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Unit Studies

Unit Studies

Unit Studies is a method of Home Education where a ‘topic’ is chosen for a specified time period (a month, a term etc.) and all the ‘subjects’ are taught under the umbrella of that topic.


For example, if the topic was Romans maths could encompass different number system such as Roman Numerals or geometry looking at arches in building such as the Coliseum. Roman building could then lead on to physics, and the chemistry of concrete and how it sets even underwater. History in a topic such as this is self-explanatory, and Geography could either look at the countries of the Roman empire or the geographical features the Romans encountered, from Aqueducts to move water to the devastating effect of the volcano near Pompeii. Languages can be covered looking at latin or even Italian at a stretch, and literacy can be covered in a variety of ways. Many story books are set in Roman, stories have been written about Roman Gods, and then there are all the factual books to read too. Writing skills can be covered with such activities as writing the diary of a Roma solider, or posters for a Gladiator tournament.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless … and often presenting an unappealing subject of, for example, maths under the umbrella of a subject such as Space often even the most reluctant students and de hard maths phobic children can be successful engaged with a previously hated subject.


Below are links to some website which contain either plans for Unit studies or instructions on how to create your own, but this is by no means an exhaustive list and many more resources are available. Also, you don’t have you use a Unit as it is published …many people use such resources as a starting point and adapt or create plans to suit their families.











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