Single Parents

Being a single parent and Home Educating

Single Parent and Unschooling

This is my personal definition of Unschooling developed over the years I have been learning about it, applying it and fine tuning it as we go along. It may not be yours. It may not be the one held by other Unschoolers. It may not even by the one I hold next week or next month or next year, because the joy of this path is it creates continual expansion, reviewing of beliefs and ongoing…..

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Our Story & Journey Into Home Education

When I was 20 I had major surgery & was told I would never have children, so spent the next 17 yrs leading a very non child friendly lifestyle. 1986 brought changes to that lifestyle, reversing in to a car, being sent home with whiplash in my neck & 4 points in my spine, my condition progressing until in the yr 2000……

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Full-time work, single mum and Home Ed.

There are some things you always know you are going to do in your life and for me it was have a family, a silver cross coach built pram, a home birth and to home educate, probably in that order. These I always knew I wanted. I was that keen on having the pram I bought it when I was 18 and Silver Cross announced they were closing the factory in Leeds. I didn’t use it until nine years later…………..

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