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Home educating and SEN in real life

There are so many extra needs that can have an impact on Home Education, and Home Education can have an impact on SEN.  So here, we aim to give you an insight in to how some families cope, how some families are so much happier.  We aim to give you a realistic insight into the lives of these Home Educating families.

How we cope with SEN and Home Ed

We’re an interesting family. Well, by interesting I mean odd, confusing, complex. And by family I guess I mean tribe – at least by some people’s standards!

A while ago I heard the term “rainbow family” and that descries us pretty well.

We are on a journey of discovery and would like to share it with you.

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SEN Magazine

SEN Magazine, whilst not focusing on Home Education, has run a few interesting articles.

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Read how Home Ed is possible with a child with SEN

When I was growing up I had friends who were Home Ed. I was always envious as they seemed to be having so much fun. They all went on to get good jobs so it clearly never hindered them.
When I had my own children I always loved the idea of Home educating them. But my eldest was quite a handful and also needed speech therapy. His development seemed delayed ……..
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Read how one mum and her child proved the doctors wrong.

My son will be getting his GCSE results next week. Not a fantastic achievement in many people’s eyes maybe, after all everyone does it. But then not everyone is Andrew.
When I was pregnant medical reasons made it difficult to determine …….
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