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Single mum, benefits and her daughter’s extra needs.

By Lorraine Williams.
When N started school in 2008, she was a bright, confident happy girl, though by the time she left she was very low on self esteem and hating herself……….
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Five things I’ve learned since starting to Home Educate

By Kathryn Smutek

I’ve been home educating since October 2011. I have 4 children at school, two of compulsory school age (CSA) , one who would be going to Reception but wouldn’t be CSA for another year and a toddler. My life is pretty hectic……

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Read how one mum succeeded to Home Ed, on her own.

By Catherine Mooney

As a single parent I can honestly say that Home Education has been both the best and the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. In common with many single parents, I didn’t get any financial support from the father of my child, nor did I have a supportive family, so the decision was not just a brave one but some would say a crazy one! However ………
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Home Educating and Adoption

By Karen Hodgson

​Read the nitty gritty and realities of Home Educating and adopting. Refreshingly honest article.

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Home Education Awareness video

Cheryl Moy August 2012

This video was created to show what Home Education means to us.  It’s a photoslide show, sharing some of the smiles and experiences of lots of Home Educating families.


Home Ed Camps

What better way to spend a few days, than with other Home Ed families, the kids all off playing or taking part in an activity, the parents catching up with friends, meeting new people, comparing stories…

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