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    "Don't jump in the deep end immediately and start schoolwork. Give your child time to relax and become happy again then start seeing how they learn."


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    Read our FAQ and the legal stuff. Knowing your rights is VERY important.

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Discounts as at 11th March 2016: For Reading Eggs, we would offer 12 months at £25.00, instead of...
For Reading Eggs, we would offer 12 months at £25.00, instead of the usual £39.95. For Mathseeds,...
Home educating families need to register as parents or tutors on the website, to receive the foll...
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Primary Leap offer a promotional code for home educating families – this is HE50OFF and off...
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Online Maths Tutor program.  A free trial is often available, and there is a 40% discount code wh...
To support a parent’s right to choose to home educate their children, EducationCity.com is offeri...
Lots of free print items available from this link Also, there are free courses available here
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Free activities to help children learn about the Amazon rainforest. Downloadable resources availa...
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Register online for your Grow Your Own Potatoes kit.  These are limited and subject to availability
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This is an annual offer – to celebrate World Book Day, you can register on the website to r...
Two free kits which are available to home educators as well as schools. The ideas box introduces ...
Complete the online from via the website in order to request a Booktime pack for your home educat...
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Register here for your free Grow Wild seed packet
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Register online in order to receive your free pack which is open to Home Educators
Search and request free resources online (donations optional) including DVDs and leaflets to cove...
A new website is due, however this is the old site which includes Learning Packs which can be dow...
Free learning resources available to home educators Learning packs can be ordered, as well as the...
You can download free education packs involving “reduce, reuse, recycle” or you can o...
Resource for reading, writing and spelling especially for those with dyslexia Nessy are happy to ...
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Reading system offering free trial
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