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    "Get to know your children again -without pressure of school and stress-stay in ,go out ,have fun,talk ..."


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Directory of Resources

Various resources including government and politics, history and citizenship
A new website is due, however this is the old site which includes Learning Packs which can be dow...
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Primary Leap offer a promotional code for home educating families – this is HE50OFF and off...
Reading Eggs.jpg
Discounts as at 11th March 2016: For Reading Eggs, we would offer 12 months at £25.00, instead of...
Various first aid resources for children, with “teachers area” with additional resour...
Various free teaching resources from various businesses and charitable sectors
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Register online in order to receive your free pack which is open to Home Educators
Various items available in the resource bank which are free.  Alternatively an annual subscriptio...
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Annual event – you can register online as a home educator in order to be kept informed of t...
You can download free education packs involving “reduce, reuse, recycle” or you can o...
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Free activities to help children learn about the Amazon rainforest. Downloadable resources availa...
Free online resources, or you can pay to further your access to resources to help your child lear...
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There are online field trips/videos available online.  Also, you can make contact with your local...
Search and request free resources online (donations optional) including DVDs and leaflets to cove...
Two free kits which are available to home educators as well as schools. The ideas box introduces ...
Lots of free print items available from this link Also, there are free courses available here
Educational games and quizzes to learn about science, engineering and natural world.
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