NI Elluminate

NI Elluminate Campaign

Elluminate Ourselves is a current NI group lobbying for parent’s rights to the use of software which would radically improve educational choice for children; whether registered at school or Home Educated.  The group focuses mainly upon the needs of children with autism, mental health issues and children with illness.

‘Elluminate is computer software programme that has the capacity, among other functions, to allow a child to access their school classroom or other learning centre from their home computer or computer outside of school or in school – anywhere. C2 K’s Elluminate was made available to all primary post primary and special schools in September 2011 and training was offered to all schools between September and December 2011 and remains available to all schools which require it. The video conferencing / collaboration facility of Elluminate provides a variety of online e-learning opportunities to staff and pupils. This could be to link to educational events, to link to a different teacher in another school and to offer tuition to pupils outside mainstream school settings at home’


Sourced from Elluminate website

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