Monitoring/Visit Request Response England

NOT TO BE USED IN RESPONSE TO A NOTICE TO SATISFY (send a more detailed report in response to formal enquiries).

If you choose to write an educational philosophy then you must also include an overview of provision as a philosophy on its own is not sufficient.

Your Name



Local Authority


Dear EHE,

In response to your letter/phone call/visit of x date, we have taken advice from local and national Home Education groups,  and have made ourselves  aware of our responsibilities under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996, we are satisfied that we are providing xx with an education which is suitable to his/her age, ability and aptitude as well as being full time, the educational provision also takes into account their SEN **only include SEN if appropriate**

We appreciate the **visit/phone call/zoom meeting **  offered for xxx date, but we would prefer to offer a written report about the educational provision instead.  We kindly request all future correspondence be kept in writing.  We, of course, will contact you should we need your service. 

**If copies of the child’s work are demanded**  We have asked xxx if they would like to share their work with you and they have chosen not to, I expect you will respect their wishes. 

** If the LA politely asks for an update you won’t need any of the above, just send them a brief  report ** 

**if you feel the tone of the letter/phone call was threatening, or demanding far more than a general update, you can add in**   We wish to remind you of section 5.1 of the Elective Home Education Guidance for Parents which states:

“Your local authority has no formal powers or duty to monitor the provision of education at home.”


My philosophy is that **put what your philosophy is, here are some ideas** a child learns best in their home environment/thrives on a one to one basis etc.

We follow an autonomous/semi-structured/structured/unschooling approach. **delete/add to**.

The aims of this style of education revolve around what we believe will best prepare our child to become a happy, productive member of society.

I ensure that xx  has access to the library as well as books at home, supervised internet access and TV; such as documentaries about climate change, and BBC Bitesize from which xx enjoys a broad array of topics **change info to match what you do, and aim for a few more lines of info here** 

Workbooks/sheets **or what ever it is you use** for **mention the KS if you think it’s appropriate**  in subjects a, b and c are used **mention whether its structured or when the child chooses** which are often followed up with discussion, I am more than happy with the progress xx is making. 

**Mention topics such as maths, English and sciences, it doesn’t have to be in school like terminology**

xx enjoys baking which is a fantastic opportunity to involve maths skills. **it doesn’t have to be baking, it could be DIY, building lego, etc, use a few examples**.

**Do not worry about too much fine detail, it is the provision they wish to know about, the levels your child works at are not important here, it is a good rule of thumb to speak in present text rather than future**

We ensure that xx has the opportunity to meet with friends, and we often visit museums/groups/meet ups etc. **include information about social activities and sports, but not specifics about which club or when**.

We expect this is adequate information to satisfy your informal enquiry, please confirm receipt. 

Yours sincerely.

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