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Monitoring Response Wales.

Letter in response to the LA attempting to monitor/assess/ask for a visit.


Your Name



Local Authority Name



 Re NAME and DOB

Thank you for your letter dated x.

I am aware of my duties under Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act and am fully satisfied that I am providing my (child/children) with a full-time education that is suited to (their/his/her) age ability and aptitude.

I would refer you to the Welsh Assembly Home Education Guidance for Local authorities para’s 2.6 and 2.7 which specifically states that you must assume that my provision is suitable unless you have evidence of a ’cause for concern’, such concerns are detailed in section 6 of those guidelines.

I am unaware of any possible evidence of a ’cause for concern’ and would ask that you inform me of the nature of your ‘evidence’ should any such ‘concerns’ exist. If no such evidence exists, as I am fully confident it does not, I would ask that you remind yourselves of the relevant guidance and make note that we do not currently require any support from you and request that visits are no longer offered.

Should I require any support in the future I will, of course, contact you immediately.

Yours sincerely

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