You’ll find all the terms and abbreviations home educators need to know here.


Home Education or Home Educator.

Sometimes referred to as Home Schooling (HS), though this an American term which is not commonly used in the UK and is used to represent the re-creation of school at home or an education provided at home by the local authority through a tutor or online school.


Elective Home Education.
Often used to mean the person/team at the LA that deals with Home Education.

Also known as educational social worker, Home Education inspectors, teaching monitor and any other name they fancy really!


Children Missing Education
Sometimes used when referring to the officer who’s role is CME, they are most commonly sent out to unknowns to ascertain how a child is educated and refers on to the EHE once they are told you Home Educate.[/wc_box]

FS or F/S


The term used to describe full time education, split between school and off site education, whether that be at home or forrest school etc.

LA ( Formerly LEA )

This is your Local Authority/council. The term LA is often used with regard to anyone within the education team, whether truancy/Home Education/welfare etc.


Education Welfare Officer (also known as school inclusion officer, educational social worker) and more commonly known as truancy officers.


Department for Education

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