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EHE Guidelines

In April 2019 the government updates the EHE guidelines for Local Authorities and parents. Here’s the link:


(Please do check that the below information is up to date).

It’s a long read, but our FAQ and other pages try to explain the guidance and legal info in an easy to understand format. Here’s a couple of snippets from the guidance:

5.2 Local authorities do not receive funding to support home educating families, and the level and type of support will therefore vary between one local authority and another. However, we recommend that all local authorities should adopt a consistent, reasonable and flexible approach in this respect, particularly where there are minimal resource implications. As a minimum, local authorities should provide written information (which is also available through the internet) on elective home education that is clear and accurate and which sets out the legal position (see paragraphs 4.5 – 4.6). Some local authorities may be able to offer additional support to home educating parents, but this will vary depending on their resources. Examples of additional support include:
provision of a reading or lending library with resources for use with the home educated children
free, or discounted, admission into community programmes (including local authority owned community and sports facilities)
access to resource centres (including local school resources where feasible)
National Curriculum materials and curricula offered by other educational institutions
information about educational visits and work experience
providing assistance with identifying exam centres willing to accept external candidates

Parental rights and responsibilities
2.4 Parents may decide to exercise their right to home educate their child from a very early age and so the child may not have been previously enrolled at school. They may also elect to home educate at any other stage up to the end of compulsory school age. Parents are not required to register or seek approval from the local authority to educate their children at home. Parents who choose to educate their children at home must be prepared to assume full financial responsibility, including bearing the cost of any public examinations. However, local authorities are encouraged to provide support where resources permit – see section 5.

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