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Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

Bridewell Alley, Norwich NR2 1AQ, United Kingdom

Norwich Castle, Norwich at the Bridewell and Strangers Hall bookings are all dealt with via the same co-ordinator, Tessa North (contact number 01603 493636).

For home education groups the cost is £2.40 per home-educated child, with one adult per home-educated child receiving free entry.  Other adults and children four or over pay normal admission.  These places need to be booked in advance of the visit.  Lunch spaces can also be pre booked and are subject to availability.
Downloadable resources on their website here: http://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/Learning/Resources/index.htm , and Tessa can also organise workshops for groups of maximum 20. These are typically object-handling or a tour and cost £2.50 (minimum charge £40).

This is also a Children’s University destination – whereby children get free entry with their passport as an alternative.



Information for Home Educated Groups

To help you get the most out of your museum visit, please read the following information and communicate to your group.

Responsibilities and expectations during your visit

There will be a nominated person/people to act as group leader

Group Leader has responsibility for adults and children (including siblings) and for:

* Meeting the participating families outside the museum and bringing them in as a group (there is no meeting space in the museum)

* Overseeing the visit and being the contact for adults and children on the day

* briefing students and adults before the visit on health and safety (see Risk Assessment Information), and on roles and responsibilities (see below).

All visiting adults have responsibility for:

* their children’s behaviour (including siblings) throughout the visit including led sessions and breaks. Please note that there are designated picnic spaces in the Rotunda and picnic room, eating and drinking is not allowed in the galleries or activity spaces.

Adults are expected to:

* support and engage in any led sessions

* assist the group leader who is responsible for pupils’ behaviour.

* stay with their children at all times, especially during breaks and lunchtimes.

* be responsible, in case of evacuation, for escorting their group to fire assembly point, taking the register and reporting any missing person to museum staff.

Students are expected to have a responsible attitude and show regard for the fabric of the museum, its contents and other museum visitors.

You may bring one adult per participating child, any additional adults will be asked to pay the normal museum admission charge.


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