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Consent to Deregister from Special School (Not needed in Scotland)

It is important to remember that the process to deregister from special school requires consent.

  • You NEED consent to deregister from special school, you can not just stop sending your child.
  • This is not needed if the child is in mainstream with an EHCP, please follow the standard deregistration process.
  • You are expected to write to the LA, asking for consent for your child to be removed (deregistered) from the register of a special school.
  • It is recommended that in the letter you describe how Home Education will cater for their special needs. Referring to their EHCP and how you will meet their needs is helpful. You are likely to need to go into quite a bit of detail, this is because LAs have a duty to provide for any special needs that you can not, such as SALT or Occupational Therapy.
  • Your child must continue to attend until consent is given to deregister, if your child is too ill to attend then we advise you seek a doctors note.
  • You are not likely to continue to receive support such as a laptop, or other aids, you will become financially responsible for your child’s education.
  • Depending on your child’s needs, it can be possible to be allocated a personal budget through the LA, this is usually only done if the LA agree there are no suitable school places available.