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Home Educators from all walks of life and from all styles of Education write about their journey, here’s a few that we like.

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Home edding with bells on

A sometimes bitty, often waffly and incoherent, warts ‘n’ all account of our family’s adventures, experiences and randomness while traveling the home education path, trying to live more simply and love each other more.

Diary of a first child

The real life of a wannabe superwoman.

Musings of a Middle-aged Mum

I’m going to start with a confession – I’m not middle-aged.  At least, I hope I’m not, as I’m only 36yo.  But, it sounded good being alliterative, between Musings and Mum.  I am a mum to two girls (DD1 and DD2) whom I home educate, and I muse often, having random thoughts, ideas, projects I start and don’t complete, and general rants against the government, companies and individual, mainly within my own head.

Crumpled Mummy

The life and crafts of a crumpled mummy and her ASD/ADD daughter.


Autism, schools and Home Ed.

Making our memories

Exploring the world through play

The World is Their Classroom

My name is Nicola and I home educate my five children who have never been in the schooling system..


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