Educational Freedom went live on the 31 August 2013

We’re very proud of what we have created and it’s lovely to hear what you guys think.  If you’d like to leave us some feedback please CONTACT US.

Some of your feedback:

I just had a nosey, well done! I wanted to mention that there doesn’t seem to have any book recommendations on religious approaches to home education. I know it’s quite a prevalent reason that some people first begin outside of school and I’d be worried that you may miss a crowd. 

I love this site. Please tell you friend that I say thank you for having such an informative, clear, well designed site. Thanks for sharing x

I will get this link liked and shared….it will be sensational to others and a good support network xx

looks fab,colours great too. A big thanks for all of you who have put your time and effort in to getting it live

Just looked at the site its is fabulous and I just love the colours – very appealing.

I have only read one part of this so far which was the flexischooling part & laws surrounding it & have to say its very clear, concise & well laid out. I have recommended the page already as its a wonderful much needed resource in the world of home education & where to start. 

Absolutely fabulous-well done!!

I joined the UK Home Education group when home educating our young daughter was just a wonderful idea. Ater joining, I realised we were not alone! I was able to tap into a huge and diverse community who nonetheless have one great dream for their families. I also tapped into a rich seam of experience in dealing with local authorities, and the legalities of home educating. There is so much conflicting information out there about home educating and this group gave me the information I needed to confidently answer people’s questions, and indeed actually educate them in the process. I have also made a wonderful new friend in joining this group! Everyone who is considering home education would benefit from this group’s information and resources; and of course from the presence of Cheryl Moy, who works constantly to support any and all who needs her help.


Looks a great site easy to navigate and delineated well with good information. 

‘Love it!! Well done guys!! xx

Incredible work.

it’s a fab site! Only had a little look this morning but really impressive! 

I joined the UK Home Education group (the Facebook partner of Educational Freedom) with some very specific questions regarding rights and laws associated with HE. My query was answered almost immediately, with excellent advice from a member of the admin team. After this, I remained a member and I’ve enjoyed lively discussion, made links with other HEers in my area, witnessed unrivalled support and accessed many educational tools that I wouldn’t otherwise have known existed. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic resource.


Its brilliant! Well done and thanks 

Absolutely fantastic website for anyone considering or actually Home Educating – it is an oracle of information! A fabulous website to support and help you through the journey of Home Education, thank you for creating this wonderful and much needed website” Kerri

So handy to have all this information in one place. Grateful that people have put the time & effort into doing this. Will soon be buying a hoodie for myself, DH & DS. – Lisa, Cornwall.

Brilliant would recommend to anyone thinking of He

Where was this site 5 months ago! It’s just what I could have done with back then. Tell your friend really its well designed and thought out.

Wow, that’s a great website. Really encouraging, thanks for sharing.

I like the seasonal crafts section, we’ll be trying some of those activities

A brilliant example of how if we all stand together amazing achievements can be accomplished. 

Here’s to a bright HE future for everyone 

This is GREAT! Loads of information in one place, and really easy to navigate

The Home Education group have been brilliant! My son was very unhappy at school and the teachers were not supportive, regardless to the fact he has a speech delay- anyway after an incident took place at school, I decided to remove him last year in November. I was going through a very stressful time, however when I contacted the Home Ed Group – I received valuable advice from a member of the admin team straight away and she completely supported me – she and many members of the group answered my queries very efficiently and the advice was extremely valuable – my 7 year old could hardly read properly let alone write, but now he has improved so much, most importantly he is happy and that’s all we want our children to be happy and enjoy education – whenever I have any issues, I just type and receive plenty of advice from many members – I love the team and the resources and links are excellent.


Looks fantastic, well done to everyone involved in this! The video was brilliant, very inspiring.


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