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    "Let go of everything you think you know about education. So many people including me at the start think it requires recreating school at home, 9-3, Mon-Fri."


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School at Home

School at Home

Some Home Educators choose to effectively recreate school at home. In this method all a childs studies are planned out for them, in much the same way a teacher plans lessons for the class in a formal school setting. Some parents choose to do all the planning themselves, using a variety of resources sourced from various places …things such as textbooks and worksheets which can be bought from both real world and online shops or, in the case of worksheets, often downloaded from websites.


Other parents chose to purchase ready-made curriculums, which companies provide, often in a box for safe keeping. These boxes contain all the books and materials each child needs along with lesson plans and calendars so the child (and parents) know what they should be working on each day. Some of these have options for tutor support and some are designed for the parent to take the role as teacher.


These kits can often be quite expensive so they are often used by families who are Home Educating not necessarily out of choice. Maybe a child is too ill for school, or the family is living overseas for a year or two, and the parents intend the child to return to formal school once they are able.


One other reason families sometimes use these styles of school in a box kits is that they wish their child to be educated according to the principles of a particular religion. Companies collate kits specifically tailored to encompass and reinforce the message of all the major religions and many of the smaller ones so it is usually possible to find one to suit and support your beliefs.


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