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Educational Freedom Card – Young Person’s Card


A durable plastic card that can be carried by any Home Educated young person, great if stopped by truancy patrols, or used when asked for proof of Home Education.  This sometimes happens when asking for Home Education entry rate into venues, and is at the discretion of the venue.

The price includes the cost of P&P.

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Have you ever been stopped on the street by a truancy sweep?

Ever been asked to prove that you Home Educate, to get a discounted entry into a venue at Home Ed prices?

Worried your child will be stopped and questioned?

Many of us have these concerns, and whilst we all have in our head exactly what we will say, sometimes in the moment our minds go blank. Or we’ve forgotten to bring the letter from the LA, or we are unknown to them.

We’ve worked hard to produce a card, unique to us and you, the cards can be used to ‘prove’ you Home Educate and also state the law/appropriate EHE guideline quotes for your part of the UK to remind truancy officers or police officers that your child is legally Home Educated.  Young person cards also have a strip to add your contact details.

Cards are posted once a week by second class post, however if you have not received your card within 2 weeks of ordering, please email us to let us know: support@educationalfreedom.org.uk.

Additional information

Area of the UK

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

Card Expiry

End of 2020, End of 2017, End of 2019