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    "Relax, take time and get to know your child again. Go back to what it was like when they were toddlers and do the kinds of things you did then, bake, art, play, crafts, go for walks, watch stuff on tv, have fun. Lay off formal stuff for a little while, then see what works for your child and go with that."


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Home Educated children, can in most circumstances, access exam provision.

Whilst exams are not the be all and end all of life, many people still feel that they are important; to access university or get a career. So here we share some exam board details and how to access them.

  • iGCSEs tend to be the popular option, as there is no coursework involved, though GCSEs are changing and from 2017 there will be no coursework to a standard GCSE.
  • If you decide to take this route you could contact your EHE person and ask if they know any nearby centres, or offer any support with exams. If this is not fruitful then you could contact the exam board directly as they may know of a centre that accepts external candidtates, however quite often Home Educators resort to phoning local secondary schools and colleges themselves to ask if they will take an external candidate.
  • You can book one or more exams at a time, usually the cut off point is February to apply.
  • You will be liable for the full cost of the exam and any administration fee.
  • You will  need to make sure your child studies the appropriate syllabus for that exam board.
  • There is no minimum age and Home Educated young people often find doing one or two exams, with a few months study, then do a couple more, is preferential over studying for a year to two years to then sit 10 or more exams.

In Scotland try approaching local community high schools or private schools to see if they will be happy to be your SQA presenting centre to allow you to sit exams. They may also let you access courses and resources. You can consider taking iGCSEs as an option or look at vocational courses.


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