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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Many places offer distance learning courses that can be used by Home schooling families.


Whilst most of the courses are aimed at older children ( 11 plus) Home Educated children are not restricted in the same way those in formal schooling in terms of timing for taking courses and/or exams in subject.


Some Home Educated children start studying towards GCSE style qualifictions much younger than their school peers, but often choose to spread their studies over several years taking 2 or 3 subjects each year rather than taking the exams for 12 subjects in one summer.

For information on GCSEs please look HERE


However, contrary to what some people may believe, GCSE’s aren’t essential for a successful adult life. Some Home Educated children skip directly to A level, or even to University. The Open University do not require any previous qualifications for entry and many Home Educated have started their University level study with the Open University before their formally schooled peers are even taking their GCSE’s.


If the cost of many of these courses looks prohibitively high don’t panic though. Many children stay Home Educated until they are older and have a clear vision for their futures and then successful enter colleges or universities and take the courses they need to follow their dreams.


But even if qualifications and courses aren’t your child’s thing, many Home Educated children have found that not only are GCSE’s not essential to them, but qualification in general are not needed for them to create successful and fulfilling careers. That’s the beauty of Home Education …every child can do what is right for them.


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