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Cheryl Moy

Cheryl Moy

Hi, I’m Cheryl. I have been Home Educating my 3 kids for a many years now,cheryl_moy I’m a single mum too.

I had no idea Home Education was even an option, and
the day I met a lady with her ‘school’ age children and asked, “Why aren’t your
kids in school today?” was the day our lives were turned around.

Since I deregistered we have faced an EWO that was determined to con me in to
thinking that there was a new law: a law that gave them right of entry into my
home, and also this ‘law’ gave them the right to demand information on how I
educate my children. I was subjected to an abusive phone call from another EWO
too, one which ended in me having to threaten with police action. All this was
within a week or two of them finishing school.

Then an EHE visit. The visit, whilst it wasn’t awful, certainly didn’t support our choice and freedom to choose how to educate our children. To make future visits easier, she told me to name and date all the children’s work, and file it in subject and date order, so she could mark it too! I hasten to add that it didn’t take me long to realise how wrong these people were, how ultra vires their behaviour was, and I decided no one would be coming into my home again to tell me how to uphold my legal duty to educate my own children.

I was then subject to a malicious allegation to social services, an allegation that included Home Educating! The Social Worker thought Home Education was illegal, I wasn’t armed with enough legal know-how to explain. So I did lots of research and talking to other people, and I learnt enough to eventually have the case closed with no concerns.
I listened to those that had been around longer than me, read the template letters they would write, and I was able to start to offer to help families that were going through similar to me.

With a few friends, I started to help run what is now a huge Facebook support group. We offered advice, support and chat to all families considering or already on the Home Education Journey.

It was soon obvious that Home Educators needed more than just Facebook groups or pay to access organisations, so Educational Freedom was born. 

The team that have helped create this website have worked really hard and I would personally like to thank each one of them. You have done, and continue to do, an amazing job. Thank you.

Kind Regards Cheryl Moy

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